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Students on the Lady Maryland
Raising sail - Students will help to raise and lower sails whenever necessary.
Group project time - Students working on a group project
Life below decks - Students will be sleeping in the main salon where space is at a premium.
Bad weather - We’ll be out there rain or shine!
Life below decks
Going aloft - If time allows students will be given the opportunity to go aloft.
Hauling anchor - After nights spent “on the hook” students will have to help raise the anchor before they day’s adventures can begin.
Trawl - Fishing with the trawl net give students a chance to see first hand what is living in the areas they are visiting.
Ditty bag - Students might get the chance to make an authentic “ditty bag”.
Mystic - A visit to Mystic Seaport is not complete with out plays that include audience participation!
Seining - A shore stop may include investigating local wildlife through seining.
Classtime - When students are not “on watch” – actively sailing the boat, then they are in class.
Mealtime - Meals are served family style with plenty for all.
Navigation - All students will have their chance to help determine the day’s course.
Swimming - If time and weather allows swimming is a fun activity.
Whaling boats - A visit to Whale City Rowing allows students to see how they would fare if they were in a whaling dory.
Whale watching - A view of a whale from the commercial whale watching boat.

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