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74 Students Advance in 'Leaders Go Places'

On December 13, 74 middle school students at The Crossroads School were recognized for their hard work, character, and commitment in a Leadership Ceremony for the school's Leaders Go Places program. Five students were recognized for reaching the highest level of achievement, which requires a 95 percent GPA and impressive marks for attendance, work habits, and behavior. Leaders Go Places is a rigorous leadership program at The Crossroads School, supporting the school's goal of empowering each student to become a strong Scholar, Leader, and Citizen. Students receive regular updates on their progress and, most importantly, recognition for their accomplishments as they advance through four levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To advance through levels each quarter, students must earn a required number of Professional Performance Points (earned daily for attendance, work habits, and behavior), meet a minimum GPA, and complete at least one service project. Throughout the year, students are reminded that with commitment to quality, hard work, and perseverance, Leaders (really do) Go Places - in their lives and as part of this program.

Posted on: 13 Dec, 2013

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